sunshine ruth

My first tooth

I just thought I would inform the world by letting everyone know that I have grown my very own tooth! I turn 6 months old next saturday(oct 15) and I already have a tooth! I surprised mommy today by grabbing her finger and chomping down good and hard to let her know it is there!

I can also move in a forward motion-not really a crawl..but i sure have places to go and i am determined to get there!

and i have been practicing drinking out of a sippy cup AND sitting up on my own!

Wow, i have been working hard this week...that might be why i have been sleeping 8 hours at night now!

hope you all have been having an exciting weekend.
sunshine ruth

a quickie of our adventures

I got to go to Michigan this past weekend. There I got to meet my cousins

this is Jordan-He got jealous of all my hair and kept trying to take it off my head.  I felt bad for him so instead of crying I shared my toys with him


This is my other cousin Krysta.  She is part fillipino.  She just got potty trained this past weekend.  That is prolly making my aunt and uncle very happy.


Jordan and I were busy crawling around on the floor keeping ourselves busy.

And this last picture is a very special picture.  It is a four generation picture of My Great Grandma, My grandma, my mom, and of course Me-my poor mom-she said they put over 30 bobby pins in her hair the day before and a ton of hairspray...i think that was why she was so grumpy that night while we were sleeping.


I had alot of fun at the wedding entertaining everyone.  I was the only baby at the wedding, everyone else left their kids with sitters so I was super special. 

It was a great weekend over all but I really liked coming home.  I have been going to bed earlier though. 

And I sleep through the night for about 8 hours now!  too bad my mom doesn't get as much sleep as i do. 

And i dont much like green beans...who ever thought such a vile weed could be food.  it seems that my mom doesn't seem to upset by that though.  I do like carrots alot and sweet potatoes...and i definitely love the fruits.

yum yum...i am trying to get nice and big.


sunshine ruth

A random post

I have been sick for the past couple of days. I actually was super constipated so I wasn't very happy with my mommy and daddy but they called the doctor and now I am all better. And today I am finally all better.

I have been having alot of fun lately. We have been so busy that I haven't had time to write about them in my journals.

I went to meet all my daddy's cousins and aunts and uncles at my great aunt julie's house. They were so much fun and they even had toys and a swing and bed for me. That was so very nice because I was very comfotable then and that made my mommy have a good time too.

then i helped mommy get ready for a whole bunch of visitors. my grandma hilda and grandpa bill(my dad's mom and step dad) came to visit with my great aunt laurie and great uncle ben and two of my daddy's cousins-greenhoodloxley and montythemobster. When they came we had lots of adventures. And went all sorts of places. Sally wrote all about them.

And they got to see all the new things I can do like rolling around and squishing about as my mommy and daddy call it. Plus they got to see me eat all my yummy food that my mommy made for me like peas and bananas. I really like the bananas and sweet potatoes.

And then I got to go see one of my favorite people-my baby sitter. She is always taking me to the park and playing with me and bianca(a two year old that only speaks spanish) all day long. We have so much fun together and I am learning to do so many new things and getting so strong because she takes such good care of me.

And now today I have to help my mommy clean up the house and go get daddy's car cleaned because i get to meet my grandpa chuck and grandma machell and my two uncles david and zach. I am super excited because I know how excited mommy is for her daddy to meet me and to spend some time together with him here with me since me and her were both born here and she has never gotten to spend time in her birthplace with her daddy. plus he has a funny face i heard.

So mommy tells me she has to put me down now so that I can go play with my toy that my great grandpa sharda got me so that she can make daddy's lunch. we are going to go see him for a little bit.

I hope you all are doing as well as I am.
from auntie erika

it was a 1 am wake up call

I decided last night that I didn't feel like sleeping anymore after 5 hours of sleeping. *giggles* So when it was really dark and I figured the parentals were sleeping is when I made my move!

I made sure to wake the mommy like figure up as well as I could. I even wriggled out of my diaper twice while she tried to change me! Then while she was feeding me I had some gas that I had been saving up just as a present to show her how much I love her. They were rich and ripe with a lovely smell. Thats what she gets for eating so much garlic the other day.

Then when I usually feel tired after eating and go back to sleep and curl up in bed with my parents-i decided I wanted to sit in my swing instead. You see, for some reason I can just crack myself up with witty banter better when I am in the swing and know I have a captive mommy who was desperately trying to go back to sleep but couldn't because my infectious giggling kept her awake.

I am such a silly baby.

And while she has to be up all day and such, I can sleep all day long.

I am such a silly baby.

by the way I am learning so much lately...I am trying to make sounds. I try to imitate word sounds that my parents make. mama and dada are pretty easy sounds to make though I dont know what they mean yet. I am still attempting at creeping along the floor but that silly leg just doesn't move at just the right time with my other arm! but I can grab at stuff now. When the little toys are around or hanging above I can reach for them and shove them in my mouth.

all in all I am a pretty happy baby.
sunshine ruth

(no subject)

Today I have much to let people know. I have decided that sleeping is over rated and will decide my own schedule...however my parents keep tricking me into sleep by reading Harry Potter to me. However I will get them back with all my lovely diapers I am sure of that.

I got all sorts of new toys this past week. I got a ton of stuff from my great aunt alisha. My favorite thing is the new boppy pillow burntorangehorn got me. It makes it so much easier to lay on my belly and look up at everything.

I am trying my hardest to crawl. I can sort of scoot myself around in a circular motion but moving forward seems to have proven difficult. Rolling over is alright, sometimes i surpise the parentals by rolling over..other times I just like to tease them and get their hopes up as I get about half way and then fall back into my original position.

Today is burntorangehorn's birthday so we are going to go meet him for lunch with a cheese cake malikasaghir made for him. She says since my teeth haven't come in yet I cannot have a bite. It sure smelled yummy last night while she was cooking it.

So that is the life of this baby-eat, sleep, and be entertained by my two trained monkeys.
sunshine ruth

This is my bedroom

this is where I get changed, and that is the painting my grandma hilda made for me, and lots of ducks


this is my bed that my granny deb got me, and the mobile my daddy got me from the thousand villages


we went to ikea to get this carpet for my room and my great grandpa sharda got me the little toy mat


these are the lady bugs mommy paited around my window to go with the peach colored paint


the noah's ark on the shelf was my granny deb's, and the cross stitch underneath was made by my great great grandma for my daddy


there is the rocking chair mommy rocks me in and her butterfly kite that i love to stare at after she is done feeding me.  she keeps my special blanket on the chair that my aunt laurie made me with some very special materials. you can also see my frog lamp and disney pics mommy used to decorate the room.


here you can see my froggy lamp and changing area better.


thats me doing one of my fave things...staring at my butterflies


here you can see my bedding and stuffed animals like my hippo that i stole from mommy


this is what i see when i look at my butterflies


this is where my other stuffed animals and books are and you can see the lady bugs around the window


here are my books and star baby (who protects me-thanks aunt laurie) and some ducks that my cousin amber sent to me that were from great grandma sharda and a camel that my  daddy got from Iraq.



thanks to granny hilda for getting my mommy and daddy a camera so they could take these pictures finally.

now we are off to adventure.

sunshine ruth

My first entry


Hi, I am Ruth Abigail. 

I just took this picture this morning to show off the cute outfit that Heather5flyingmonkys bought me that I fit in now.

I will be posting more on my own now but I am tired from a long day of playing and being awake so I am going to go to sleep now.